Adding more video cards?

Hey guys. I got gpu mining working in netrunner with an AMD HD7950. This is amazing as on ubuntu distros it doesn’t work. I then added 2 more 7970’s. My original card the 7950 is in the second slot where its always been and I put the two 7970’s either side.

I need the monitor then plugged into the top card to see bios etc. But my netrunner gets to just past boot loader and then no further, if I use any other card I get no screen at all. I had it stop at the same time when I broke xorg.conf trying to fix my mouse, so I’m pretty sure its a config in X problem.

Is there anything I can do to reset it to detect my video cards again? Google hasn’t been my friend but I might not be looking for the right things.

Thanks in advance.

We doesn’t use an xorg.conf file, delete it and it should work again.
Then you might want to read up on how mhwd works.
These pages do need some updating , but I think the basics are still the same.

What were you trying to fix with your mouse?

I had no forward and backward buttons, but I found this problem in forums and removed iwheel and it worked. I don’t think I have an xrog.conf. I am downloading the install DVD again so I can boot netrunner live and have a look at the file system and remove any xorg confs that might be there. Hope it works. Thanks for quick reply.

Hey mate. I just booted USB drive and I get starting version 233 and it hangs there. Any tips?

How many display adaptors do you have exactly?
Are you booting the live media using the open source drivers or the proprietary drivers?
I’d take all but one out and see if it boots.
Otherwise, check the md5sum against the ISO, and ensure that you write the udb stick using dd, image writer or something similar.