after install no bootable drive found (solved)

Hi everyone
I had netrunner installed in vm and it worked great
I decided to install it on my HP Elitebook 850
Install run great, but after reboot
i get the BIOS erro, bootable disk not found
I can install Tiny core SUSE etc, not netrunner
I tried different portions options etc, no go
My secure boot is disabled, and i am running out of options
Any ideas?

Sorry I fixed it
I had to install gparted under live cd, and put a bootable flag on the first partiton
Now it workes
Sorry again for posting

Partition manager is already installed on the live media, this could have been used to add the boot flag.
Calamares should have been able to this while creating the partitions as well, that is unless you were using already existing partitions.
I am glad you were able to sort this out.