After installing 13.12 Netrunner

[color=#000080]I bring to share a great article that made ​​my friend Benjamin (Beni) Garcia Garcia in his blog where we make things more easier to have our distribution function in the best way, here are the link is in Spanish: [/color]

[align=center][size=medium]After installing 13.12 Netrunner, there are some things we can do.[/size][/align]

Can you change the TITLE to say this in spanish language? misleading title, i was all excited. no habla

[color=#000080]I put in the description that the item is in Spanish, but you can use Google translator as I do, I only speak Spanish.[/color]:cool:

Here’s a quick translation into English via Google translate. Most of the links are still to Spanish pages. I’ve included a tar.gz of the odt if anyone wants to improve it.

[color=#000080]@Zelator57 Muchas Gracias!!!
Ese es el tipo de colaboración que buscamos entre los miembros de esta comunidad Netrunner.
Se agradece el aporte y el trabajo.