AMD issues

I am trying to install netrunner on a new amd based pc (gigabyte 970A-D3 motherboard, AMD FX-8320 cpu, Gigabyte Radeon HD7750 GPU). First attempt was with Dryland 2 (32bit) as we use it on other laptops in the house. It required noapic to install but then failed to shutdown and widescreen graphics were not supported. I downloaded 12.12.1-amd64 and tried again. This time shutdown and graphics are fine but the network fails to connect (RTL8111/8168B controller - senses the cable when inserted but can’t get an IP address - I found posts elsewhere re this problem with quantal & amd but no solution), only 2 of the usb2 ports are live and none of the usb3 ports (I haven’t searched this one yet). All ports and the network work under windows (and SE2 I believe though I didn’t check every port at that time).

The question is - will I have better luck in returning to SE2 as the problems are more easily fixed?

Posting from the 12.12.1 i386 live cd.
After trying knoppix and ubuntu 12.10 live cds, I found all hardware seemed to be able to be accessed and importantly, the network was available. The ubuntu system was 32-bit so I downloade the i386 version of netrunner 12.12.1 this morning. Again, all seems OK. So it seems the problem lies somewheer in the 64bit version.
I might try a later version some day. For the moment, I’m happy with the 32-bit version and I can take this Sunday afternoon off before installing onto the hard drive.
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The hardware all works fine on 1212 32 bit.

i just tried to install 1306 64bit on this same computer but with the same problems - usb3 and the network fail to be detected.

So it seems the 64bit editions are not installable on this computer.