AMD non-free dual monitors - black overlay

I was told manjaro and netrunner are the same os, so I hope I am posting in the right area.

This problem is bizarre enough that I felt I needed to make a video to help describe the issue.

I just switched to manjaro from debian based os’. Everything is working quite well, except I’m having a bizarre issue with the video output on my second monitor. I am running the XFCE Manjaro 0.8.10-pre1 using the AMD proprietary drivers. When I enable dual monitors the second monitor becomes mostly black with ~1 inch strip where it displays what it should, but that’s it. When I drag windows to the other screen, they go behind the black, but the mouse actually goes infront of the black… When the monitors are ‘mirrored’ both work fine, no black, it’s only when I extend the desktop that I get the weird black overlay. I am at a loss, if anyone could help, you’d be awesome.

Thanks in advance.

Manjaro and Netrunner aren’t the same distros.
It is true that Netrunner released a manjaro based Netrunner Rolling but if you have Manjaro specific questions just like the one here to the XFCE Edition please ask in the official manjaro forums.

Fair enough, but, you might want to look at the manjaro forum links, it links the Netrunner forum under ‘hardware.’ So it looks like you are going to a manjaro forum, but you actually come here. If this forum isn’t for manjaro, then it souldn’t be linking this forum from their page. Really, go to the manjaro website, go to the forum area, and click on hardware, you’ll end up right here.

Anyways, thanks for pointing me somewhere else. You know that’s always fun.

Hi kodemonkey,

Netrunner only has KDE version, so for any XFCE Manjaro question, use Manjaro XFCE forum to have many users knowing about your XFCE version, where we know sparsely anything about:

Create xorg.conf

SubSection "Display" Virtual 2960 1770 EndSubSection

H resolution 2960=first monitor + second

V resolution 1770=first monitor + second