Android Phone (Moto X 2014) not charging when plugged into PC

Just a FYI,
My anroid device will not charge when plugged in to my netrunning (rolling).
What happens is KDE offers what do do and I can open the device to view files in dolphin ok.
While I have it open it will charge for a short time and will then stop charging, if I open another folder in dolphin or look at a picture etc it starts charging again.
if the device is not mounted at all the phone will not charge at all.

The phone charges fine with the wall charger, just not when plugged into netrunning KDE (rolling arch based)

My system is up to date.

That is caused by USB power management kicking in.
Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) uses TLP to control power management:

Open up the TLP config file:

kdesu kate /etc/default/tlp

Search for this section, then un-comment this line and edit it using your phones ID:

If your unsure of your phones ID then use this command to find it:


Alternatively, if you don’t wish for your USB ports to suspend at all, just change the line in the section above that one to a 0 instead of a 1 like this:

# Set to 0 to disable/1 to enable usb autosuspend feature USB_AUTOSUSPEND=0


Thanks so much, that took care of the issue :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that helped, could you please add (solved) to your original tittle, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for noticing this and thanks for the solution.
These are the phones that we have also.

Only one more thing… if you change your Android Rom, maybe you need to add a new USB ID to the list…

was my problem today, change the rom and the phone went back to not charge from the usb …

now is ok again!


Yes, great suggestion Germani.