Animted gif as wallpaper

I’m trying to figure out how to convert some animated images GIF/APNGs to video for Dreamdesktop I tried Winff with no luck. And I was wondering if someone could please help me with this?

Just use ffmpeg like this:

ffmpeg -loop 1 -t x -i {name}.gif {name}.avi

Thanks. But how do I install ffmpeg?

Unless I am wrong, and I could be, ffmpeg comes already installed on Netrunner 14. You can check by using “dpkg -l | grep ffmpeg” - without the quotes from the command line. If it is installed it will return results.

Ubuntu uses libav-tools by default and there is no ffmpeg available. However avconv is. So you could try that command with avconv instead of ffmpeg.

Would you please give me a walk-through on how to use avconv? Cause I’m not familiar with command lines or using ffmpeg/avconv.

Did you tried the above command? (just replace ffmpeg with avconv)

Yes, just replacing the command should work.

Yes I just tried that and I got a Invalid duration specification for t: x message from the terminal.:frowning:
Dont I need the distination or does scan my system for the file name?:huh:

X would need to be replaced with a duration number for the loop, ie. how long do you wish it to keep looping.

One or two minutes.

I can lead you to the water, but I can’t make you drink.
Just type the following command in the terminal and read the manual page yourself:

man avconv

Or use the help option with this command:

avconv --help

Thats true its been more than a few days and I still cant figure out how to use avconv/ffmpeg.:-/ I guess I could for the time being use VokoScreen to screen capture them or use Gimp Gap from Windows to convert animated GIFs/APNGs to mpg.:stuck_out_tongue: So thanks for all your help both you and dbyentzen but for now I qute, maybe I’ll be able to understand it down the road:)

I had a few minutes to do a video howto on that.
Notice the mpeg format might be not the best as it tends not to work for example with 10fps.
Here is the link to the video. Enjoy:

Thanks I think I got it now, for example if I want to convert a gif named animated waterfall from my documents I would start by interning :-/Documents$ convert animated waterfall.gif -coalesce frame%04d.png in the terminal then next I would enter :-/Documents$ avconv -loop 1 -t 5 -i frame%04d.png -r 10 out.avi if I understand correctly.:slight_smile:

This should work fine.

I’m getting a No such file or directory message.:huh:

Ah I see a space in the filename. So to distinguish arguments for convert or other commandline tools from filenames with space you have to wrap the filenames in “filename with space.gif”
So the command for convert changes to

convert "animated waterfall.gif" -coalesce frame%04d.png

Hope that works for you.

Sorry about the late reply but that didn’t work either.:-/
Here’s what I entered exactly :-/Documents/Demo$ convert animated waterfall.gif -coalesce frame%04d.png I created a folder called Demo but when ever I try entering this I get an error message and the same with :-/Documents/Demo$ convert “animated waterfall.gif” -coalesce frame%04d.png.

First I’d like to apologize for using a idiom before instead of being more helpful.

I’m not sure if this will help but i found this tutorial online of using a combination of imagemagic or mplayer to extract the images from the animated gif and then use ffmpeg to put them back together as a movie file:

There was also this:

I will of course keep searching for a better if not easier solution.