Anybody use or know about Slimjet Browser?

Does anybody know about or use Slimjet, ? It’s built on top of Chromium but claims greater privacy control by default.

PS - This is not a post about installation, merely an informational gathering post.

Thanks in advance!

I tried a browser called Slimboat, possibly the same one, as also built on Chromium, not bad and quite light on resources.

I see that you posted this message in may 2015, I also can see that you did not have much reply to be able to make an opinion. Since then have you had time to try it. Your review would be appreciate since I am looking for a chromium substitut.

Thank you for your time

Mr Magoo

If you go to this link on Youtube, AJ Reissig did a video on it.

It’s really a nice browser I’ve been using it on Windows for about three weeks, it kinda reminds of Firefox because its so customizable compared to Chrome.

I’ve used it on PCLinuxOS KDE when I was running on that OS. It’s a great browser. It is very customisable. You can add tons of extension from the Chrome store. Video rendering and streaming is awesome. It is quite heavy though when you start adding extensions. If I was to rank it comparable to Chromium or Chrome; it totally beats them. If I was to compare it to Firefox, I would say it is just as good. I would use it as my everyday browser if I can figure out how to get it on 14.2 LTS release. I wouldn’t recommend it on an older machine with lower ram.

Since I made the original post to this thread, I have tried Slimjet. As others have noted it is easy to customize, uses a bit less RAM than Chrome or Chromium—but the main advantage to it as compared with Chrome or Chromium is the project takes great care to maximize the security and privacy concerns.
As for installing into Kubuntu version of Netrunner, the process is fairly simple. Grab the deb package from the download page and use Gdebi installer to install the browser—I don’t use the Rolling version of Netrunner so I can’t speak to the installation process. The browser can be configured to autoupdate…I do wish the project would add a crypto signature for the downloads, though.
Overall, I think it adds yet another great choice of browser to pick from!