Application Icon Launchers on the Panel

Was wondering about visual cues that you usually get when clicking on icon on panel to launch an application.
As it stands now there is no visual cue (Visual Button pushed)or sound when clicking on app launcher icon.

No recessed push clicking button action or click sound in Plasma 5?

Is it a theme thing? Plasma 5 thing?

As frequent enough that I click on icon and thought it took and didn’t.
Only visual indication is if a loading shows in my icon-only tasks manager.

Looked thru Workspace Behaviour and Desktop Appearance and couldn’t find anything pertaining to icon clicking?

Is this something they intend to add later? Or anything to add the function? As really like visual and audio cues when clicking on things. :stuck_out_tongue:

That depends on what you mean by icon. Do you mean a launcher in the task manager itself, an application (icon) widget in the panel, or or a tray icon? As far as sounds like having a click, that can be set be under notifications in the system settings.

I mean Icon of Application shortcut? Placed on the Panel.

Firefox,Dolphin,Terminal,etc… Icons on panel.

That would be an application widget, right click add to panel. I think this is a plasma 5 panel / widget thing. If that’s a feature you would like then I would suggest it upstream to the KDE developers.

Thanks for the info. Just making sure it wasn’t something I wasn’t doing right.
And that it is an unimplemented or missing feature.
Made the assumption that it was a common and universal feature in all OS’es.