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Arc Dark theme not working correctly?

Now that I have 19.08 up and running, I wanted to reinstall my Arc Dark theme. I got it installed, but my settings window is still light, as well as Google Chrome. How do I go full system dark mode? Or is this a bug with Arc Dark?

Which widget theme is set? If it is kvantum you need to either switch to something else or configure that separately.

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Welp… I feel dumb. I tried messing with that before but it didn’t look like it changed. Thing was, I didn’t exit the settings and load them back up. Changed the style to Breeze and it’s all dark. Chrome isn’t switching automatically, but maybe that’s something else altogether. Either way, thank ya very much!

Chrome respects the GTK Theme settings. So change it to breeze there aswell.

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Ahhh, there we go. Problem solved. Had to go to Chrome’s settings and select Use GTK+ and it worked like a charm, thank ya again!