Artwork Update Rolling Release

Since the new Prometheus the Rolling Release Artwork looks a little bit antiquated. Is it possible to change the Artwork of the Rolling Release in the same way like in the developer versions? An idea is to make a special update for the artwork and the the user can decide if he would use it or not.

What do you think about it?

Prometheus is based on Plasma 5, Netrunner Rolling is still based on KDE SC 4. the beeze theme in Plasma 5 has not been officially back ported and probably never will.

Besides you wouldn’t see an artwork change until a new ISO is released, and that would only effect new installations. If you as a user want the default artwork from the new ISO you would have to apply these changes yourself. Changing the artwork arbitrarily and automatically without the users consent is frowned upon when using a rolling release distribution.
There has already been a discussions on this subject in the Manjaro forums:

Hi playforvoices,

most of the artwork (other than wallpapers) has been adjusted to work better with Plasma5 (though not all yet looks 100% pristine). Since Rolling has not been switched to Plasma5 officially yet even at Manjaro, it would not make much sense to package it at this point.
You could download and extract everything from live USB without installing it though, like in /usr/share/wallpapers, just let me know if you’re looking for something specific.

Thank you for your answers. What I mean is a tool like “Kapudan” who ships with Chakra Linux. The user get some possibilities to adjust his system with some clicks. So you can change the KDE design for example.

I understand that many things are new in KDE 5 and cannot applied for the rolling release. I have more the feeling that the rolling release edition have to run after the developer edition in things of aesthetics and design. The boot screen at Chakra or Kaosx for example is make with more love to detail. Thats the only thing that makes me a little bit unhappy with the rolling release. :smiley:

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide a single sign of code to help netrunner rolling release getting more better at these things. I only can offer you photographs for using as wallpapers or boot screens. Take a look here if you are interested in.

The issue there is most users don’t keep the default wallpapers, widgets, or even installed applications, etc. on their systems and if a system update or utility changed my personal customization on me I would NOT be very happy, this is actually one of the reasons I don’t run a non rolling release distribution.