ASUS Essence STX - Sys Reports dismount


Let me begin by saying that the sound output from the Net Frontier (NetF) is outstanding and belive me when I say I am a very fussy audiophile when it comes to sound, and that is why I invested in this card.

I have been searching for a linux distro that will bring out the sound for the ASUS STX and it even out matches Windows.

The Net Rolling (NR) is even better but due to problems with Virtual Box I have opted for NetF until I can resolve
the problem.

Anyone thinking of buying this card and wants to discuss it please do so, and having tried various ditro’s
this is the one to have in order to get the sound reproduction, which I can say comapres to good quality hi-fi
output through NetF.

That said one small problem, when I use any partition progs and mount a USB drive, I get an error meessage
asking me if want to unmount the ASUS STX. The card does have it’s power connection to the PC’s psu thorough
a 4 pin molex, and was wondering why I get this message? Is it by any chance recognised by NetF as a mountable device? The card still works even after this message? Any advice?

As for the sound set up, drivers etc, please dont change them, they are brilliant and (as mentioned) even better in the NR Edition where I do not get this message.

Overall guy’s…a great distro.


Maybe Linux is seeing the op-amp sockets as drive connectors, I don’t know that does seems a bit weird to me.

Thanks AJSlye… next time I will try and get a screenshot!