Ati Drivers

Now don’t know if because of Firefox 30 or flash? Html5? As my live streaming news show. Works fine in debian and windows. But black screen when in browser.


But clicking on fullscreen works fine and display video. In frame mode image above the controls and video and sound all there just blacked out. When it buffers or when you click on volume pops into frame and can see the video behind it then blacks all out again.

Doing some more research and searching. But getting to the point of questioning whether to continue with Netrunner.
As appears running into issues that are specific to this distro. Things I need to run. But I don’t jump ship when the little fires start. I try to put them out first. So we will see if I can get the fires put out before throwing the raft into the waters and paddling back to my SolydK Debian ship.

What graphics card do you have?
Are you running the free or non-free (proprietary) drivers?

Been using Open default drivers on my legacy Ati 4350 on dual 22" displays.
Not a video issue. As presently watching Linux Action Show on Vlc without issues.

That’s not why I asked, assuming your running a 64 bit systems are both ati-dri and lib32-ati-dri installed?

I’m thinking you may also need libva-vdpau-driver and/or libvdpau-va-gl for windowed acceleration.

Thanks yep installed both of those and appears to have fixed the issue.
Shouldn’t then those be installed by default?

Anyways thanks for your help which is immensely appreciated.