ATI Radeon Sound with HDMI cable

My computer has intel graphics and sound works fine when connected to my tv with an HDMI cable in Netrunner 13.12.
My bother has ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics and he gets no sound from the tv speakers.
In phonon if I select HDMI output under Hardware the video playback goes at double speed, stop and start still with no sound.
Any ideas? Does he need to download drivers? Any guidence would be appreciated.

I would recommend trying to use pavucontrol for audio configuration when it comes to hdmi. You can install it via muon or synaptic. Make sure audio on hdmi is not muted or low on volume.
Also check if the applications are set to use the hdmi output.

Thanks, will try tomorrow.

No luck, installed pavucontrol but when I select HDMI profile all sound stops and video goes at twice normal speed, then stalls then twice speed again?
Audio on HDMI is not muted.
Was testing with BBC iPlayer.

Did you test other players aswell ? It might be an iPlayer issue.
Btw. Did you install the fglrx drivers for your card ? If not it might be something eorth trying out.

Not very experienced with installing drivers, does this look correct for Netrunner 13.12 32 bit?

Seems to be correct, But please try the hardware manager in Netrunner itself first to get the driver installed

Do you mean System > Additional Drivers?
I’m not on that computer at the moment but think I tried it and just got the message ‘No proprietary drivers are in use on this system’.

Then you really have to manually install the driver. I would stick to installation instructions from ATI or on the ubuntuforums if you are a beginner.