AUR Repository

It is possible to activate aur in Netrunner Rolling?

Already is, but you might want to add all of the base-devel group just in case.

pacman -S base-devel

You might also want to install octopi-notifier for a nice update notification.
Well, atleast until the devs get muon working with pacman/pyalpm and/or yaourt.

Pacman and Octopi return no results for packages which are obviously in AUR. For example ntfs-config and tvheadend. Any ideas?

You can use yaourt instead of pacman on the commandline. The syntax is similiar to pacman.

OK, pacman wouldn’t show those as it only searches the standard repositories, yaourt is needed for searching the AUR . Now, octopi is just a front end to pacman and yaourt so by default it only check the standard repositories just like pacman, you have to select yaourt in the side panel to search the AUR the same as you would from the command line.

Arch is a lot of fun. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot guys!