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Automated mounting of hard drives

After Netrunner was terminated I used Maui. Now I found out that the development of Maui will be terminated too. So I am back and installed Netrunner 1710.
I have three hard drives in my computer. One SSD I use for the OS and other software, one big SSHD for my files and one usual smaller HD for backup. Usually I go to the systems settings/Removeable Storage/Removable Devices and “Enable automatic mounting of removable media” and “Mount all removeable media at login” and all the single media in the list under “Automount at Login” by a tick. This should automount all hard drives with the system start.
But this Netrunner version is not doing so. I always have to mount every single devices by hand and I have to type the password for the system.
How can I disable the request for a password for every single device? I would like that with the password at system start all devices are mounted and ready for use.
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I recommend using the global /etc/fstab for mounting partitions permanently. You can use disk-manager for this.

Oh hi leszek,

Good to have you here in this forum too. I tried it with disk-manager and it works now. As usual thank you for your help.

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