away for a wile

So I have not booted into my netrunner-15 install in about 2-3 months now ,been busy at work and changing the Kubuntu-14.10 partition to Debian-8-KDE and the Kubuntu-15.04 partition to 15.10.

So I boot into Netrunner-15 tonight ,think well it’s been a wile so,better check for updates ,

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Yup 206 of them ,let them role off,

no reboot notice even tho a new kernel and some vbox dkms modules ,reboot ,NICE all is still good :slight_smile:

now the queshton ,it has been a wile ,is Netrunner-15 now EOL or near ,and if so what should I do to get current.

I see their is a 16 now ,should I try a

sudo do-relece-upgrade

or is this not an option @hear ?

reinstall ?

what do you all suggest ?

INFO: Netrunner is installed to a BTRFS partition on a TB drive so exists as the sub-volumes @ and @home ,if their is a in place upgrade option it would be nice , but can do whatever .