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Hi, all. I have installed netrunner rolling on my desktop successfully and I really like it! I’m looking for a simple backup program to backup data to a separate HD. I have been using luckybackup, but I see its no longer supported. I have researched and there appear to be several options. What is everybody else using? Is there something you can recommend. I have no problem using the command line.

Tnx in advance for your help!


If all our backing up is personal data then why not just copy them to the external drive.
If you absolutely need compressed backups the easiest to use would be either deja-dup (GTK / Gnome) or kup (QT5 / Plasma Framework):

Note: Both are available in the main Manjaro repositories.

I’ve always used luckybackup with Ubuntu and their derviatives which uses rsynch. It seems to be pretty fast compared to using the copy command. I will try out the ones you’ve recommended.

Tnx for the quick reply, AJSlye!


Personally, I make full system backups once a month using clonezilla. But for simple backups i find there are many good GUI’s out there. DeJa-dup is the most well known of this genre, deja-dup does use rsync in the background, as well as duplicity which allows for encryption of the backup files.

However, I tend to prefer QT based solutions when in a QT environment and why I suggested kup.

NOTE: If your used to using luckybackup and would like to use it here, it is available from the AUR.

I still use luckybackup on Netrunner Rolling for my data partitions. There was a roundup comparison in a recent Linux Format magazine and luckybackup still did fine even though not in active development (still works!). None of the other programs I read about convinced me to switch.

Based on AJSlye’s other posts I had started to backup monthly my Netrunner OS with clonezilla; just I case I goofed it up or something breaks.


I’m using jotasync, it’s a rsync gui I wrote a while back.
Since I got my hidipi laptop I’ll have to tweak the ui a bit. :slight_smile:

Tnx everyone for your replies! Although I am familiar with and like luckybackup, I think I am going to try AJSlye’s idea and use Clonezilla once per month and either deja-dup or kup for inbetween backups.


Yep I just do partition backups once every month or two. And use Redo Backup
Same under the hood engine as Clonezilla just an easier Gui.

I’m familiar with and have used Clonezilla but not Redo Backup.Will give it a look, Orbmiser.

Tnx for your input!


Tnx to everyone who replied to my request for assistance! I looked at several of the different backup programs that were suggested. I ended up using luckybackup again despite the warning on AUR. It works seemingly without any problems so far but I will sure keep an eye on things. I am very familiar with lucky and its easy to use.

That being said, I have a very nice installation of netrunner rolling and which is a super os! Hopefully, this will be my os for two laptops and a desktop for a long time!

I have a new HP desktop with an i7 processor & 12GB, added a 120GB SSD which I formatted ext 4 using GPT. I used the original 1TB HD for backups and other storage. All hardware including wifi and the nvidia video card was supported on install with all the necessary drivers.

Tnx again,

A bit late responding but I’ve been using Back in Time.

Tnx for the reply xdarr. I’ve heard of back in time, but haven’t checked it out. Will give it a spin and see how it compares to luckybackup.