Based on Kubuntu 12.10 ?

hi all,

I whant to install a software and i receive this:
“Your Ubuntu release must be at least 9.04 to proceed”
but, in dev-news i read this nice distro is based on Kubuntu 12.10
i like this and i don’t whant to install Ubuntu so, any tips?
( i made all upgrades )
thank you in advance !

Netrunner is based on Kubuntu, so every software should work.
It could be like with browsers, that Netrunner does not identify as Ubuntu though, but as Netrunner, so the website where you want to get the Software from does not know you’re able to run it.
What software do you want to install?

thank you for reply,
i try to install gnu radio
chmod +x ./build-gnuradio
and the i receive that:

Installing prerequisites.
Your Ubuntu release must be at least 9.04 to proceed