Best choice among Ubuntu-like systems and more!

About half a year ago, I definitely decided to get over Windows with changing to a Linux distribution as my henceforth only OS to be used. It was for reasons I think not to be explained to anybody participating in a forum like this, but particularly due to the very most critical public votes responding to the upcoming Windows 10.
Well, so I started looking for what should become mine, trying out and out in virtual consoles as well as on my luckily six physical devices counting harddrives (four of them SAS in RAID 5 on a Promise SuperTrak EX8760T card, containing my main system). And I dare say it was six bloody months that have followed!
Evenly up to now I have truly been fascinated by many of the Arch-derived modern distributions. Despite there would not always rest as hard as unsolvable issues with trying my printer (Canon LBP7100Cn) and my scanner (EPSON Perfection V370 Photo) get working: Oh, I do have proprietary drivers for both! However, those are just made .deb and .rpm! But partcularly because of the surface design I had neither become intimate with the related systems - till finally I got enchantingly amazed when found Ozymandias: EVERYTHING is working as well as the design appears elephantiasticly beautyful AND functional like nowhere else reached!!!
What problems ever remain to solve in each Linux distro: Inside Debian&Ubuntu-based Netrunner you can get over it - trust my bare recommendation! And goodbye to all Windows forever … :smiley:

I jumped over almost 15 years ago. And i"m still impressed with Linux. Its my daily drive. Sometimes windows is needed (hardware and compatibillity) but being able to have a choice is the reward.
Keep that smile!