Best programming language for newbie

Hi guys

I’m looking for a programming language to learn and a book to teach it. I used to do some programming in basic back in the days of the ZX Spectrum and I’m looking forward to being able to code with a new, modern language. I would prefer it to be cross-platform and I’m looking to find a new career in IT so it might be helpful as a marketable skill as well. I’m not saying I want to be a programmer but it never hurts to keep your options open. Any suggestions would be great.

Many thanks

C++ Qt4 or Qt5 would be the best I think.
If you are into mobile programming you can also dig into QtQuick and QML.

would python be any good or do most people use c++?

Python is also a good language and provides good qtbindings aswell.

cool, thanks. Say I want to eventually work as a programmer or write games, will Python be good or is there a more ‘industry standard’ language?

Python is a good choice for that aswell as c++

thank you very, very much. I’ve been going out of my mind reading up on the different languages with no idea which to start learning. I don’t suppose you can recommend a good book can you? Something for beginners?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

All sort of tutorials to start with:

There are sites like codecademy ,programmr also khan academy has some lessons on computer science ,javascript and css…You can search coursera and edX , both have lessons on various programming languages. MITopencourseware also has lectures on c++ and other .

I do agree that Python is a good choice as a newbie.

Learn Python 2.7 not 3.
3 was a bust. If you do access python in terminal in Arch it’ll default to python 3 now.


I’d go out on a limb and study Java.
Not just here or there, but get study guide for taking the Java Certification Exam and take the exam.
You’ll learn something and have a certificate.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve just enrolled on a Java course - a lot of people suggested Java, including some friends who already work as programmers. Your suggestion clinched it - Thank you ever so much Hinto.

I took the exam after professionally coding in it for 3 years and still learned things (and took the exam)

It depends. I was starting to get interested in coding. I found the most begginer coding is Microsoft Visual C# (pronounced Microsoft Visual C sharp). I have tried C++, and Java and I found this the easiest to use, PLUS ITS FREE, you just neet a .net passport which almost everone has!

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