On netrunner lts i use basic proftpd as ftp server. I was looking for a equivalent in the rolling release. I installed bftpd. I can run it with :

#sysctl start bftpd
At this point all is OK . I can access to the home i choose.

The problem is that i have to repeat this command each time i want to use it. (which of course was not the case with netrunner lts, were the configuration is settled at the installation process).

I followed some links below but all were unsucceful.
Any idea for help ?
Many thanks

OK, Netrunner 14 (Standard edition) LTS is based on a Kubuntu release prior to systemd and uses upstart. Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro not Kubuntu so it uses systemd. You also typed the command wrong in this forum, it would be systemctl, not sysctl. Sysctl is a different command altogether.

To start the daemon under systemd, use the following command:

sudo systemctl start bftpd

And to enable it to start at boot:

sudo systemctl enable bftpd

Many thanks, it works.
I really used systemctl start, it was just a typographic error in the mail.
Thanks for the explanation, i am learning a lot with netrunner manjaro.

I figured it was a typo, this is why I added “in this forum”. :slight_smile: