Black Screen after booting fresh install!

Hello Everybody!

I just recently started trying out different Linux Distros and on my way looking for one I really liked I stumbled upon NetRunner! I really loved the look and feel when booting from the USB so I decided to try it…

But as soon as the arrow with the loading circles (like the bootanimation) finishes, the screen stays black. I notice the computer still processes something for a short while and then stops, which makes me think that the OS actually DID load but it’s just not showing on the screen.

Since the Live USB booted just fine, I’m wondering if you could help me find out what’s wrong with my install.

  1. I installed from a Live USB with the x64 ISO.
    2, My computer is an Acer Aspire V3-551 with an AMD A8-4500M processor, it has an ATI Card on it but I don’t really understand the specifics. It also has 6Gb of RAM

  2. As with previous distros, I’m dividing my linux partitions like this:

500Mb \boot
350Gb \Home
10Gb Swap

And the rest of the hardrive has a Win7 install.

That’s pretty much it! Like I said, it goes into GRUB to select what I want to boot, I hit NetRunner, it shows the bootanimation and the it’s all black:-/

Thanks in advanced for your help guys!

Is the failsafe boot option working for you ? (Press ESC right after BIOS/UEFI to jump into the boot menu if it is the only os)

I had a simillar problem on my a8 apu. Dont know if it will help you but i had to upgrede my kernel. Icurently running 3.17.2. Im no expert but it looks like the 3.14.40 kernel has a problem with this kind of system.