black screen after reboot

hi guys
im new whit netrunner but i love it very much, but whin i install the rolling release
and update him i ends whit a black screen after the reboot.
before the update all works fine even when i reboot but after the update its over.
can some one help me pls.

More information is needed.
What is your system specs (CPU, GPU, Memory, etc.). or the make and model of your system?
Does your system use UEFI or a Bios?
If your system has a UEFI, did you turn of secure boot?
Are you installing on hardware or in a VM?
Does your system have hybrid graphics (Two GPU’s)?
Are you getting the black screen before or after the Plymouth splash screen?
Did you install using free or non-free display drivers?
What errors show in tty (if any) when it goes black?
There are many things that can cause what your describing.

If you think it is a display driver issue then you could try adding nomodeset to grub as a quick fix.

i try to install it on a acer asprire V3 771G laptop
the bios is legacy
after the kernel its stuck in black
drivers its what he install.
no errors
netrunner ubuntu runs fine

I need the entire system model from under the laptop: Acer Asprire V3-771G-xxxx

When you booted the live USB did you select free or non-free drivers when you installed your system?

Did you check the md5sum before burning the ISO?
What kind of media do you burn the ISO to, DVD or USB?

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) uses a hybrid ISO, DO NOT use unetbootin or any other utility that extracts the ISO image to a standard file system, The resulting installed system will not work right.
Here is the Manjaro guide on creating the boot Media: