Black screen after updating

Hello. I’m new here, so I hope I am posting in the right forum. So, I installed Rolling 15.09 onto an old Toshiba Satellite L305d using the whole disk. Installation went alright, just had to boot from the live CD and make the hard drive bootable. After that, I was able to boot into Netrunner from the hard drive and really like it. So, I downloaded and installed the updates. Since that update, I cannot get a desktop. I get the usual startup sequence, but once the splash screen disappears, all I get is the audio startup sound. The hard drive light flicker and then stops, so I believe the OS is active, but I just can’t see it. The video chip-set is an Radeon RS690m. I tried editing the grub with “radeon.modeset=0” but this would not allow the hard drive to boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Is the monitor going to standby or do you just see a black screen. If it is the latter it may have todo with the desktop effects and you can try turning them off temporary with Alt+Shift+F12

Thanks for the reply. I don’t believe the monitor is going into standby and Alt+Shift+F12 didn’t do anything as far as I could tell. Since this happened after a system update, I might just re-install and then do the update one at a time to see which update caused the issue. I’ll wait a bit before I do that to see if you might have any other ideas to try. Thanks much!!!

Did you get a chance to read the update announcement here in the forum before performing the 2015-11-09 update?
If not there was a troubleshooting section towards the bottom:

There have been backlight issues with the AMD opensource driver using the latest kernels, it’s recommended to use one of the kernels out of the unstable branch:

sudo pacman -U$(uname -m).pkg.tar.xz

Alternatively you could downgrade to the 3.18 lts kernel:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux318 rmc

Hello AJSlye. Thanks for the reply. I had read that, but was hoping that was not the problem. But, since I could not find any other solutions, I gave them a go. Doing the overlay from the mirror did not fix the issue. Neither did a kernel roll-back. I think that my install must be corrupt, so I’m going to just do a re-install. Thanks again for the help, and keep up the good work. Netrunner was awesome while I had it. I must get it back. Cheers!