Blank Screen at Startup! [SOLVED]

Well, I was about to quit for tonight. I went to start-up and disabled the pre-loading, and I’m not sure, but I also disabled another box, had something to do with plasma. Now when I turn on the computer the log-in screen appears and after I enter my password, and hit enter, the screen goes totally black. All I see is the mouse and it is operational. Is there any way to get my screen back?

I was able to get into the log-in screen by putting an iso, and I see what I did wrong. I disabled “plasma desktop workspace”. Is there any way to fix this?

On the black screen can you open krunner by pressing ALT+F2.
If yes start plasma-desktop manually from there and then make the appropriate configuration in systemsettings to make it autostart again.

It worked, and got my screen back. Thanks a lot. I was freaking out! :slight_smile: