Blueshell repository out-of-date

I’d have to strongly suggest disabling or removing the Blueshell repository from your pacman.conf files.

Almost all of the software including google-talkplugin is way out-of-date in this repository and is keeping these apps from receiving updates from the AUR.

You mean comment out

[blueshell] SigLevel = Optional TrustAll Server=$arch

And exactly what does that effect?

It allows applications that may have updates in the Manjaro repositories or the AUR to update to the newer versions.
Otherwise the old versions in the repository will override octopi’s ability to inform you of the updated version and you would need to already know about them and manually update them yourself.

These are the packages I found had updates after I commented out the blueshell repository:
muon (only because I’m beta testing it)

Note: you can use the Octopi repository editor to perform this operation by simply unticking the radio button and clicking save.

PS: There was an update-pack than includes Frameworks 5.9 (among other things) released today, after I finish testing the update I will post the thread. :wink:

Thanks AJ for the heads up, better safe then sorry.

I know you already converted to plasma 5, but for kde4 there’s an issue compiling ‘kcm-about-distro’ through yaourt, do we (kde4 users) need to replace this package with Fademinds ‘kcm-about-distro-kde4’

or do we need to install ‘kinfocenter’?

You’ll need to use Fademinds ‘kcm-about-distro-kde4’ the other one is Frameworks 5 only.

Thx, removed the other and installed this one.
It’s not a critical package, but I also want to have the small stuff working fully 100%.:angel: