bluetooth and keyboard

hi all,
first of all thanks a lot for this new realese which is awesome in looks and feel. But i have 2 issues which are as following:

  1. bluetooth does not work, adapter not found error is coming. bluetooth is working in Windows which is also installed on my laptop as dual boot. I hava a ASUS X43U laptop.
  2. Also multimedia keys i.e Fn +F keys are not working except Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 which is for brithness control.

plz somebody help.


You can manually change Fn shortcuts.
First look under System Settings > Keyboard > Input devices for your keyboard model (you can try different models).
I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and only 2 function keys are working. But if you go to System Settings > Shortcuts and Gestures > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > KDE component you can modify them to whatever you like and export as a scheme.

I also have a few multimedia keys on my HP keyboard and they are not working. I tried following the instructions in this post, however, they did not work, for me.

Any other ideas?

I just figured out how to make the volume and mute keys on my keyboard work. For anyone attempting to figure this out…
You go into the Veromix settings by right-clicking the speaker icon in your right task bar and then in there, you click on volume key shortcuts. Then click on the box to the right of each key-instruction and depress your desired key you want to implement the action. Viola!

Only thing, you won’t get any graphic displaying the current setting, like in other distro’s. Hopefully, this change will be made in the near future!