Bluetooth support

Hello all. I like to know if Bluetooth is supported on this version of Netrunner? I tested and reviewed the Kubuntus version on a live dvd before i installed the rolling release thinking it would be the same. I thought there was BT support but i may be mistaken as i was testing different distros for a good KDE base. I also prefer Rolling Releases. I have had issues but have worked them out and im enjoying Netrunner more and more. The problem as i see it is that there seems to be no files to support BT. I attempted to install it via pacman and recieved a "target not found" error. Im running on a new Dell 15 inch Inspiron with BT which works great on my small Windows 7 partition, but i don`t want to use Windows for anything but testing. So, if i am overlooking the obvious, please point me to the direction to fix this and free me from another painfull Windows boot.

To install Bluetooth support as well as the KDE Bluetooth stack, use either octopi to search for bluedevil and install it.
Or enter this from the command line:

sudo pacman -S bluedevil

Reboot your system and their should now be a Bluetooth icon in your panel.

Additional support packages:
For Broadcom BCM203x and STLC2300 Bluetooth chips: bluez-firmware
For CUPS printer back-end for Bluetooth printers: bluez-cups
For bluez plugins (PS3 Sixaxis controller): bluez-plugins
To Put HID proxying bluetooth HCI’s into HCI mode: bluez-hid2hci

Thank you AJSlye for a quick response. In my feeble attempts to get Bluetooth working i have already installed bluedevil. This may be where i went off track. I do see the icon just as you say but the sytem cannot find the module. I looked into the bluetooth config file and it is not configured. Do you know which parts of the file should be uncommented to get the sytem active? It`s not a big file but i would appreciated some assistance with this. Thanking you in advance

It should work out of the box, as long as the chipset is supported. All I had to do to get mine working was to install bluedevil, reboot, click on the icon then click discoverable or configure bluetooth, but you do have to reboot.

Also make sure you didn’t install buedevil1 as that will install the old version of it and bluez4, which are only is the repository for compatibility with a few select applications that depend on those older versions.

What is your bluetooth chipset?
If you don’t know what is the model nomber of the Dell Inspiron that you have?

As a precaution, i installed or i thought Re-installed Bluedevil as you suggested. I now have two Bluetooth icons. The blue icon which engulfs the Bluetooth symbol, and a stand alone Bluetooth icon. Using this new icon i have access to more information not to mention the system now sees the module. The problem now is my Bluetooth device is not available to me and i cannot test functionality. Once i get my device back, i will test it and report the outcome. Thanks again for your help.

Open up octopi and search for bluedevil, they should not both be install-able at the same time.
Which one is installed?

I think you have to enable the systemd service iirc that is what I did

sudo systemctl start bluetooth


sudo systemctl enable bluetooth