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Bootloader installation

I have acquired an old Lenovo T61 which currently uses rEFInd to dual boot into Windows or UbuntuDDE. The UbuntuDDE is a nice distro but I’d like to replace it with Netrunner like on my Acer. When installing can I simply pick the current distro partition and leave the rest to the installer, or should I go fully manual? Ideally I’d like to skip installation of a bootloader and leave it to rEFInd to it out. Is this possible please?

You can just choose for it to replace your current linux distro. By default it however will overwrite the bootloader so you have to choose not to install one or only install it to the root partition of your distro. I am not sure however if rEFInd will pick your new installation up.

So I suggest the easiest would be installing normally with overwriting the bootloader (that should make it possible to boot both into Windows and Netrunner at any time) and then to manually install rEFInd again from Netrunner.
For installing rEFInd again you can stick to this guide’s debian section:

Many thanks @leszek. That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for :+1: