Boots on Nvidia Crash to Black Screen, Dead Keyboard

I have some Nvidia woes that duplicate the problems I’ve had with multiple flavors of Manjaro.

The machine is a ThinkPad W530 with an Nvidia K1000M card.

Booting the 64-bit ISO in non-free mode drops to a black screen and an unresponsive keyboard after a message displays re: the “Livemedia MHWD” script. Only the power button works.

Every Manjaro-flavored ISO I’ve booted in non-free mode does this. If I install while on Intel video, or use Nouveau, and subsequently install Manjaro’s Nvidia 331 driver, then switch to discrete Nvidia during the reboot, the same thing happens. (With either the 3.10 or 3.13 kernel.)

(Setting the W530’s BIOS to Optimus mode allows a successful install of Manjaro’s Bumblebee driver. But, I don’t run in Optimus mode.)

I have not done an actual Netrunner install, given that I want to use the Nvidia card and everything points to the same happening as on Manjaro.

Ubuntu’s 331 drivers works fine on the W530, using either the one in the repos or from xorg-edgers.

Several months ago a lengthy thread at Nvidia’s devs forum highlighted a very similar (perhaps identical?) problem with the W530. If I read the thread correctly, the Nvidia folks decided it was an issue for the kernel folks to resolve. (I’d assumed the problems was resolved by now, whoever owned it.)

In any case, thoughts on how to get that card working would be welcome.

[EDIT: The ISO does boot successfully in nonfree mode if I enable the 'No Local ACPI" kernel option. Doesn’t that, howver, squash any hope of getting suspend or the powersaving bits to work?]

After researching this further, install with bios set to discreet and using the free driver. then run the updates first, after you reboot (the kernel will be updated within it’s release), after that open manjaro settings manager/hardware detection and click the button auto install non-free driver, wait for it to finish and then reboot.

Please let me know how you make out brother.