Bottom panel without transparency

Does anyone know where to get normal bottom panel without transparency? Like normal colour not some shade or glass or air, just normal looking one like white or like in windows or old KDE ?
without any illumination so you can normally brightly see all window who are in same panel but not active?
Some kinda boring classic stile if you understand like that :slight_smile: for me it is the best.
I just do not like all those glassy, transparent and…
I installed all themes and they just don’t have anything normal. I just need some help to find one to download and info how to change it so it works. Please, please, please.
Thank you!

Maybe there is a Windows95/98/2000 Panel among all the themes?

Try “Opaquity” by Scnd101 :
An elegant theme without transparency or gloss. It features most plasma widgets so there should be very little falling back to air.
Search in System Settings/Desktop Theme/Get New Theme or go to above link.
I applied it and think it may be what your looking for

Thank you but I don’t like dark ones. And from all themes that is in install section just one white but looks so badly so bright :frowning: