Brand new to Netrunner!

Hi All,

I am brand new to Netrunner and so far I am very impressed. I had been using Ubuntu 12.04 but was recently intrigued by the good reviews that Netrunner was getting. I decided to give it a go and everything I need to install or have available went without a hitch. I am glad to be here and look forward to connecting more with the community.


Welcome and have fun :wink:

Thank you! I truly love Netrunner, it is amazing! I am having a whole new level of fun with Linux.

Yep just getting ready and waiting for the 64bit Rolling of Netrunner to come out. As am intrigued to give a whirl. As pretty happy with my SolydXK Debian testing with quarterly updates.

But Arch based and even newer bleeding may be something that is even a better fit for me?
So waiting for the 64bit arch version with anticipation :slight_smile: