Browser War

Hi guys

Can anyone tell me if they have found a way to make Firefox work as good as/better than Google Chrome?

I would like to switch to Firefox but find that it doens’t seem to work as well as Chrome.

I know this is probably going to start a flame war, so please, only positive comments and suggestions.

Thanks guys

I always be on ff though rather if you want to go on chrome i will choose epic browser :wink:
but as you say doesn’t seems to work in which way ?

For a question of privacy and confidentiality :cool: I have chosen Firefox. But to be honest I had to study different web site to learn HOW TO TWEAK it properly :huh: . After that it is a question of try and error :dodgy: . Since then I did not have any problem with any web site.

As for Google chrome my only experience is the version for window. Each time I wondered :frowning: about the privacy

Good luck

Mr MAgoo

I use both, and found some sites (like my games forums) definitely work better on chrome, but others (my paintball forums) work better on Firefox. Like Magoo stated, both can be made to work with just about any page (oddly, I can’t get Firefox to work with my security+ training site at all, but they use flash for EVERYTHING, so I chalk it up to that), just a matter of finding the right tweaks.

If you want to make FF more secure try Firejail I’ve been using it for a few months now and I haven’t noticed any problems with it. :idea:

Not at all. In a completely ironic twist, in order to take the security+ course, you must DISABLE any and all security features. Popup blockers, adblockers, tracker blockers, script blocking, etc. You must literally turn your browser into the most insecure thing on the planet before the security+ course will run. Even the instructor found it humorous.

I believe it is important to have at least two browsers on your system. I personally will not use Chrome due to some privacy concerns that I have. That said, I currently use Chromium as I think the project has done a reasonable job of removing the security/privacy concerns from Chrome. I do have FF on my system as an alternative because sometimes sites behave better with FF than Chromium. If you are wanting to use a Chrome based browser and are concerned about privacy then you may wish to look at the Slimjet browser. It’s an open source project that has taken the Chrome browser and heavily modified it with the security and privacy concerns in the forefront. It can even be set up to auto update.

That said, from what I have read FF appears to be moving its design to be much more like Chrome. You may wish to read up on the changes Mozilla has planned for FF.

I still use FF and have no idea why. It’s laggy, hungry for RAM (ofc, Chrome is really hungry as well) and I don’t even use 90% of plug-ins anymore. All I’m using now is plug-in for mouse gestures and some media plug-ins.
Maybe I should try out EDGE someday. Still, can’t get rid of that IE-feeling :slight_smile:

Chrome can also be launched using Firejail as noted in this weeks episode of the Linux Action Show.
Chris even shows how to install this on ubuntu, and how to modify the Chrome launcher.

used slimjet but was way too bugy and switched to chromium because i don’t trust chrome and i love the mighty text add on that lets me send and receive text messages through the browser…firefox doesn’t have that add on and its turning into a chrome clone. Mozilla’s future plans for firefox proves they have lost their way

Well, they have to do something. Otherwise Chrome will consume the whole market. Remember Opera? They didn’t change their course. Where are they now? :frowning: I’ve tried to use their Coast on my tablet, but Safari and Chrome are still better. Though it freaks me out that they don’t support flash (yeah, I know it’s outdated, but some websites in our region are still using it). Even tried to use Puffin browser, but their flash support is rather clumsy (and not free).

you do have valid point there

I tried Slimjet and found it a bit buggy so I went back to Chromium. Personally, I have removed FF so I have Rekong as a fallback browser. If you want old school FF with lower resource usage take a look at Pale Moon.
Alternately, Brave has their browser ready for trial( )so I may give it a try.

Well, you could try Vivaldi…fast, elegant, can use Chrome extensions, and it is made by the original creator of Opera

It uses chromium, so, basically, all modern browsers are just Chrome’s variations. Such a shame. :frowning: