btrfs on live image

I’m switching from Netrunner 14.2 LTS to Netrunner Core,
and was wondering if there was a reason why btrfs-tools is not installed on the live image?
Without it, I cannot edit btrfs partitions nor choose to format partitions as btrfs during Netrunner installation.

It was there on Netrunner 14.2, and I’ve had a wonderful experience with btrfs.
I will try installing btrfs-tools to the live session and then Netrunner Core and post my results.

But my question: Why is it not there in the first place?

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Why I’m switching from Netrunner 14.2 which was working fine? Windows Anniversary Upgrade on the other partition (dual boot) - broke something unfixable in my Netrunner kernel, something graphics-related in GRUB and something unfixable in my HP BIOS itself.

Thanks for continuing Netrunner!

Netrunner Core is not a replacement for a Netrunner 14.2. It is a “Core” version because it is shipping only with one core set of packages.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
I know this is a very different distro.
I just wanted to know whether the exclusion of btrfs support in the “core set of packages” was due to problems with btrfs.
Sorry for not making myself clear.

As for the installation results, if anyone’s interested:
It went smoothly and very fast - I’m writing this from the booted btrfs partition.

I do get one minor grub error though:

error: file `/boot/grub/themes/netrunner-black/theme.txt` not found

However, that is only a small visual problem.

Oh, and selecting the install option to login automatically with no password didn’t work - it asked me for my password.

I’m happy with the result so far!

Could you ensure you have the artwork-grub-theme-netrunner-black package installed for the grub issue?

FWIW I can confirm that checking off auto login does indeed not work.

Yes, that package is already installed.

And the file /boot/grub/themes/netrunner-black/theme.txt actually exists?