Bugs? Or just me?

I’ve been using Linux well over a year now and have had Netrunner Rolling for about a week and have noticed a couple things.

First, after install I have several duplicate program listings in the menu. For example there are 4, count 'em 4 listings for Marble in the Education tab. I uninstalled it and re installed but to no avail. Not a big deal but annoying and could this be a bug? This is the second time I’ve installed N.R. and the same thing happened.

Octopi didn’t install at all, had to get that the old fashioned way. . .

Also, Firefox bookmarks don’t work. I’ve never had the problem before with any other distro or version of FF but I can’t save a bookmark or import them either. Something’s broken. . .

Oh, and while I learned the hard way NOT to uninstall Akonadi (how to destroy a system in one easy click :angel:), I am not a developer (trust me, you don’t want me under the hood) and don’t need all those tools. Any way to safely remove them?


Not a bug, all four Marble listing are different launchers (views/uses) for marble.

Octopi should be installed by default, octopi-notifier however is not.

I never had that problem with Firefox, not sure what’s going on there, it could be related to the preload script in start up, but I’m not sure.

Akonadi is required for kdepimlibs and webaccounts to work properly, so not a good idea to remove it.