Calamares installer & root password trouble

Greetings. After Netrunner Core is installed, I can’t configure a printer because “i just don’t know the root password”.
Following installation steps in Calamares, I was prompted to write just one password (the user one, it seems). I just thought that my user-administrator password would work at every administration procedures, like Ubuntu.
Well, problem is: when system asks for a root password, I don’t know what is it; my user password doesn’t work. This problem is serious: How I manage this system without a root password?

Calamares seems broken: doesn’t set root password; it doesn’t assume that my keyboard/layout is related to the initial language setup; the after estimated partition map shown is the same as initial partition map; and, the timezone of Recife city is wrongly represented at graphical zone…

Suggestion: The installer used at Mint LMDE 2 is way better than Calamares. Debian Jessie is a nice choice, world needs a working KDE 5 system.

Thanks, I’m waiting for the Desktop version!

Hi Dan,

thanks for reporting back!

As for the Mint installer:

Do you know that the installer is based on?
It looks you dont need to set a root password either on LMDE2, do you know how Mint makes it work?

Hi LordDan
In the printer KCM when the password dialog pops up, can you try substituting the root username with your own, and then try using your password to see if that works?

Netrunner does not configure su but uses sudo to perform administrative tasks, just like Ubuntu. In case you were using su to perform administrative tasks, please try switching to sudo and see if that works.

We also found out that in addition to the above, if you add yourself to the lpadmin group : sudo usermod -aG lpadmin $USER , then logout and login, the printer KCM should work without the need to input your password.

This is a configuration issue on our end and will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Yep, LMDE2 installer just ask for one password. However, administrator-user just need this password to solve all tasks at system (printer, date, firewall etc). Also, “su” command works with the same password. Everythng seems to be configured by that polkit business.

Sorry, I don’t know much details about LMDE2 installer or about its permission system…

Thanks! It worked alright.

Well, it didn’t work out. When I use my username, it says that I’m prohibited to access devices list.

“su” needs a root password, right? I don’t know how, but, in LMDE2 “su” works with the same password for administrator-user.

Hey LordDan
Yeah, it was a group access issue, not a su/sudo issue then :slight_smile:

FWIW since we do not create a root account, we recommend using sudo instead of su. It’s works the same as Ubuntu.