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Calendar and login date in wrong language


Hello everyone,

When I installed Netrunner, I set the timezone to Switzerland (Zurich) and chose French Swiss keyboard (living in French part of Switzerland). After install and even after setting time zone to Paris, the calendar, Google default page in Firefox and login time and dates are still in German…I’ve tried to change every option, but it’s still in German…have you any clue ?


I think you must set the language then to French and not only the timezone.


KDE used to have (and probably still has) language settings on three levels: system-wide, user-wide and app-specific. In KDE native applications it works fine. Say, admin stuff and welcome screen are in English, but your user-space apps change to your selected language. And apps allow to set language separately as well (useful when an app has a partial or bad translation).
But somehow GNOME-derived applications (like e.g. Firefox or GIMP) have this messed up. So I got GIMP in Polish (I used Polish when installed the system from scratch) though I changed later my personal settings to English. Things get wrong also when app (like calendar) uses some system-specific settings (like time zone or clock). And that’s an up-stream KDE issue beyond Netrunner’s team. See this post for example: