Cannot delete items


I tried searching on google and the forums but I could not find a solution to the problem I am having.
I recently installed Netrunner 17 on an 80GB SSD.

When I try to delete files I am getting the following error:

Could not start the process Unable to create io-slave

klauncher said: Error loading ‘usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/’

I did a search and the directory ‘kio’ does not exist even when I am selecting show hidden files.

Would appreciate some help on this.

Thanks in advance.

Seems you have a broken install if you don’t have that file. Make sure to have the newest kio package installed. (It should be the one from kubuntu backports ppa}

I think it might be down to the installation itself as several times that message came up even when pasting to the desktop.
Also I was not able to download updates.
In the end i installed rolling netrunner and so far so good.
Thanks for your help