Can't get through to Manjaro Forums

Can’t get through to Manjaro Forums. Been 6hrs now.
Tried on Win7 and Linux side. All other sites work fine just Manjaro problems.

Anyone else?

Yes is indeed down.
However, the web site is still up as are their sourceforge and github pages.

Thanks just wanted it confirmed by others and wasn’t something the NSA was doing to Me! :slight_smile:


Just a bit paranoid there? LOL :slight_smile:

No, this probably just a inevitable end result of having been hacked a while back. Hopefully they were able to get their information backed up or mived for the wiki. etc. before loosing the domain / name.

I saw this troubleshooting post

Well kind of back. Tho clicking on recent posts gives an error.
And couldn’t find any post about recent outage and why it was down.