Can't login

I just turned on my Dell laptop Latitude D530 with after the update two days ago. I see a glimpse of Netrunner trying to load, but it gets to a blank screen which says:
Netrunner Rolling 3.14.18-1-Manjaro (Fred-Latitude) (tty1)

Then the next line is:
Fred-Latitude login:

When I enter the login, it asks for the password, and when I enter that it repeats it self, and nothing happens. I turn it off and restart, and I get the same thing. Rolling is disappointing me! What can I do?

First, check you MD5 on the install media,
This sounds like it didn’t get installed properly.

Could you please post either your hardware specs or the brand/make and model of your computer?

Same exact problem here. I checked the MD5 and they match.
The only way I can login is excuting startx on tty1 with is a little annoying.


  • MOBO: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
  • GPU: Gigabyte R9-280X

From tty1, log in as root and give the command reboot, at next start up should be fixed.

Thanks for the reply, but KDM still refuses to log in unfortunately.
I also created another user but the outcome is the same.
Is there a way to replace KDM with an alternative software?

Netrunner Frontier & Rolling both use SDDM by default, not KDM. If you changed this that would be why you can’t log in.

sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f

My bad, It’s a fresh installation and I just assumed it was KDM.
It is/was a known bug:
I disabled SDDM and enabled KDM and It’s working fine now.

What bug are your referring to exactly?
The link you gave has to do with SELinux as far as I can tell and SELinux is not used in Netrunner Rolling.