Can't Remove Xterm

checking dependencies…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: octopi: removing xterm breaks dependency ‘xterm’
:: octopi: removing qtermwidget breaks dependency ‘qtermwidget’

All these problems with octopi makes me think Antergos has it right use pamac. Pamac gives much more details as well on packages dependences release dates and maybe more.

I understand its Qt but its worth have GTK based package manager.

I agree, xterm and all other consoles, should probably be optional depends as octopi can use konsole under Plasma.

Discover is the preferred method for installing, removing, and upgrading packages in Netrunner.
We only provide octopi for the same reason we provide synaptic on our Debian editions, advanced users.

Is discover for flat pak?

No, discover is a package manager and handles normal repository packages, however it does have support for flatpack files.