Can't use DSL (pppoe) in Netrunner 17 on ASUS X550Z

I tried to establish DSL connection to Internet using pppoe service. Network Manager (GUI) can’t do that in this version of Netrunner (I used only login, password and service fields). Command ‘pppoeconf’ can’t help too (created connection didn’t work). (It works on DELL)

I’m pretty sure mine is pppoe (wired connection) and it is working.

A little mistake: it works on Dell but not on Asus (post updated).

Which network card is used in your device? Maybe you need to install special firmware for it to work properly :confused: You can use the command " lspci | egrep -i ‘network|ethernet’ " to list detected network cards. (Had such problems on many Mainboards, including some from ASUS … those are often the very new realtek-network chips which aren’t supported by default in the first months or years … maybe you have to wait for native support or install nonfree firmware).