Cant we have a Netrunner based on Ubuntu again


Few years ago was sad when Netrunner was moved to Debian based.

I got used to Maui and found it stable and really easy to used. And now I hear it will not be taken any further.

I would love to see Netrunner Ubuntu based version back again. I love the look and feel of it. Just do not like it is debian based now

sorry for the rant


Mark :heart:

Hahahahahahahahahaha! good one, this development team have any good sense thats a wish that will never happen.

One question, because it really irritates me all the “buntu this” in every distro forums, what can you do with ubuntu based that you absolutely cannot do on debian based? I ask because I WAS a ubuntu user since the first ubuntu, was beta tester for kubuntu, used it for the longest time, and I really, really, besides PPAs I cannot find anything that I cannot do with Debian, and PPAs are most of the time the reason for breakages in buntu distros…So really, I really want to understand, what can you do with buntu based that cannot be achieved with debian based

Hows about being easier to upgrade?

Ubuntu based distros always had a very easy upgrade path.

Also debian can lack more recent packages unless you use testing or sid.

Plus yes PPA’s do come in handy for finding packages you cant normally find and some of us have better things to do than to compile packages.

Regarding PPAs: There is an excellent tool called ppa-purge, which if anything goes wrong, just reverts all back to the original state. There is nothing similar in Debian - you install something, it doesn’t work, you’re screwed. Your only solution is to fire up and start reverting all back package by package, which is a real PITA.

Ok, you two gave good reasons, so why don’t go with Kubuntu or another Ubuntu based distro? One of the big problems with Linux is users that go from distro to distro wanting their new one to act exactly as the previous one. I personally am sick of “buntus”, there is a gazillion buntu based distros that may suit to your liking, why can’t we have a decent Debian based distro without people wanting to “ubuntusize” it?

Heh, you wanted to hear a reason :slight_smile: so I gave one :wink: operating system by definition is something that should enable you to use a computer as easily as possible, not something that you should fight with :slight_smile: That is a direction all distros should head towards. Naturally some are better at it, some worse, but inherently, it’s a common goal :wink:

Look Netrunner Ubuntu had its fans and so did Maui, so why abandon something you like?
Other than the developers who cant maintain a goddamned distro for more then 10 seconds.