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Casper over 4GB

Can’t seem to get casper-rw larger than 4GB on an 8GB flash drive for persistence.
I tried this already:
Is there another way?
So far, Netrunner 13.12 (Linux 3.11.0-15-generic x86_64) is full and cannot update anymore files.

For a file 4 GB is the file size limit of FAT32. If you use a partition like in the link it should work above 4 GB. But you need to remove the casper-rw file for it or at least save it somewhere else so that it load the correct casper-rw partition.

Finally got it to work by formatting the 8GB drive with HP USB formatter (took 30 minutes) and used the Netrunner RC 14 since it has the latest updates.

The idea of having instructions for a casper file over 4GB should be standard item in the installation guides, I think.