Catastrophic Failure required a restore image from Jan. Problems

Catastrophic Failure and Me with only 4 month old images for my Win7 and Netrunner.
Updates for the time lag required 800+ packages 1.4gb in size. And 2.5hrs to complete on 2mb wifi connection.

  1. Conky stopped working with my Adele Flat theme. Now seams to be conky.lau.nv which is installed but not conky?
    had to jump thru hoops for outdated thru the Aur. and still no conky on startup even tho in the Startup section.

  1. My fonts changed for example Digital Clock on panel. Yahoo weather also no longer works. Going thru uninstalling and re-install to see if that works.

  2. Back to the 60-90sec hang at reboot. Will have to apply the fix.


remove the # from these lines (you may have to reboot to activate these settings)


  1. Notification sounds again not working. Must be the recent path issue for notifications sounds.
    So will have to copy some sounds back into root usr/share/sounds I guess.

  2. Theme seems broken dialogs menus showing light light grey on white unreadable till you highlight them.
    Don’t know if that is an old theme just need to look around what I had.

  1. Weird touchpad warning on login and bootup when I don’t have a touchpad.

  1. Last week installed Pokerth from the repo. And a Icon was added to the games section of menu.
    Today rebuilding system to way it was. Installed pokerth and lo & behold No Menu Entry. I’m Confused!
    Same for kmahjongg is installed but no menu entry.

All kinds of little things to waste time with. So Word of Warning!
Verify that you have recent backups. I swore that I had backup from end of April.

Was mistaken and Now just Swearing and Kicking myself a Lot! :s