CD Live "mode" how limit CPU and see the power consume

Good day,
Tyvm for ur hard work,
i use ur beautiful SO (last version) on CD Live mode when i need of use my PC for much hours on “Media Player Mode” (i remove the HDD and i run my PC with Netrunner only on CD live mode) and i play my multimedia files on USB etc…
(TYVM because is with the codecs preinstalled ^.^)
(i remove HDD for don’t consume it - hehe)

In CD live mode i don’t use internet and i have 2 questions:

  1. In CD Live mode without internet, how i can limit the use MAX of my CPU? (no new program, no internet software)
    (for example limit to 25%) I see that when i am in play mode -full screen-
    the cpu usage is near 35~40%.
    (My GPU is Nvidia GT1030 and Netrunner work hardware mode, but pheraps don’t use the gpu, idk this)

  2. On the start i see that Netrunner don’t recognize my CPU (no prob for me because after work), but on app info sistem, power consume section i see all white without info…
    How i can look my cpu power usage?
    My CPU is I5 3450, my GPU is Nvidia (Zotac) GT1030.

Tyvm for all, ur SO is a very good work. :slight_smile:

I’ve tested of install cpulimiter…deb (40kb and work with live-cd), but if i limit the Player i see the video in discontinue mode… so i don’t can use cpulimiter with onle player multimedia. :slight_smile:

Now for reduce the power of my cpu in player mode to ~30%:

  1. reduce resolution to 1280x1024
  2. in PLasma service se all the service in OFF mode
  3. install the correct drivers for my GT1030 (for reduce of more the cpu power)

I am not so sure what you try to do.
In general the cpu usage can be reduced by choosing the correct output plugin for the video.
So for nvidia that would be vdpau that you have to set in vlc player or smplayer or whatever player.