CD-ROMs not recognized...

I have a few CD-ROMs (Windows) that when inserted in the optical drive are not recognized. The drive and discs are apparently fine as they function under Windows.

I have used the optical drive with commercial DVD movies and they are recognized, showing up in the Device Notifier, and asking me if I wish to open them in the file manager.

I could try to mount the un-recognized CD-ROMs using the terminal command if I knew how to do that, but I’m guessing that would also fail.

Is there any reason CD-ROMs are not accepted, given that DVDs are? Any way to fix?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Are these CD’s or are they CD-r, CD+r, CD-rw or CD+rw?
What file system was used on these disks?
Linux is NOT capable of reading UDF (Universal Disk Format) 2.60.
Linux is also only capable of writing up to UDF revision 2.01 with kernel 3.13 and later.


Commercial CD-ROM discs with Windows applications.

How can I identify the file system used on them?

In the meantime, I have tried a number of other CDs and DVDs, and they work fine. Seems to be a peculiarity of those CD-ROMs. It could be that they have some kind of copy-protection that prevents them being read by Linux?

I also noticed that audio CDs also do not appear in the Device Notifier. But if I start playback application, it will read from the audio CDs.

Thanks for the info.