Chamsys MagicQ

I will try not to sound nearly as flustered as I am, but I am having an issue getting this one program up and going and I will be 100%. I am trying to get ffmpeg updated so that I am at I just checked my lib’s and I am currently sitting at Supposedly this program was built under Debian, but I have gotten it, in the past, to run under Fedora 19, OpenSuSE 12.1, and Ubuntu 12.04. When I got my new laptop, I let my better half talk me into getting a (insert your insult here) HP with an AMD A10-5750. It has been a nightmare to even get a stable distro to run. I finally got Manjaro up and doing everything else I need but this one program and I need it for work. Any help will be much appreciated.

Have you updated your system or is this a new install?

The latest update of ffmpeg is 1:2.3.1-1 which has and is symlinked as and

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) is a rolling release, all you need to do is run the update to be current.
Instructions for performing your first update/upgrade:

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -S manjaro-system
sudo pacman -Suu

After the first update all you’ll need to do is every week or so run:
sudo pacman -Syu

If you wish to be notified of updates via an applet in the system tray then install octopi notifier:
sudo pacman -S octopi-notifier

It is a new install, and I have updated, and just ran these commands again just to verify.

How did you make out?

On a side note being a DJ and Lighting Technician myself, I was wondering if you are using DMX and/or Open lighting, and If so have you had a look at Q Light Controller plus?

This is available in the AUR here:
Q Light Controller Plus - The open DMX lighting desk software for controlling professional lighting fixtures.

Open Lighting Architecture plugin for QLC+:

./magicq: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I am a bench technician that doubles as a lighting tech/what ever the hell else is going on. I am actually babysitting one of the hotel properties we do in house A/V tonight. I looked into QLC plus and it was good, but as I am doing all of this out of pocket and the wife wants to nag when I spend any money MagicQ was the cheapest as I picked up the trial dongle for $16. It last 5 hours at a time before I have to reset, but I have made it through full day long corporate shows and been fine. I always get the small stuff where I don’t need more than a universe and I just like the layout much better. It is much closer to the actual console. Most of our consoles at the shop are Hog4 or AVO Pearl, which I despise, so I went with the cheapest Hog-like interface that fit my needs. I really like the Cuelux software as well, just didn’t want to spend $350 on a dongle. This little dongle has bailed out a few shows and it really helps with field repairs when necessary.

Sorry for the ramble and back to the point. ok, apparently getting it from the binaries wasn’t good enough becase now i am on .56 and it doesn’t like that either.

I believe Debian handles libs differently, Manjaro has Multilib support installed by default, Debian does not.

In Manjaro 64bit the /lib, /lib64, and usr/lib64 directories are just symlinks to /usr/lib which contain the 64bit libs, the 32bit libs are located in /usr/lib32. it might just be a possibility that MagicQ just doesn’t know where to look.

Are you running a 32 or 64 bit version of Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) and is MagicQ 32 or 64 bit?

64-bit. It has worked fine in the past with Fedora and it does the same thing. Sorry, still learning the nuances of Arch vs. everything else if have used. I am trying a command from the pacman wiki that is supposed to remove all non-native files and go back to just native for the system. Keeping my fingers crossed as I only have about 45 more minutes here and it will be a few hours between leaving here and getting home as I have errands to run.