change langue kde4!=gtk

update change langue config,
after update frontier 14 , kde4 is spanish and applications gtk is spanish
before update today, kde4 is english, change to spanish, gtk is english, comme change to spanish?

NetRunner14 con español mx, configurado bien en kde4 y aplicaciones gtk,
después de actualizar hoy, todo es en ingles, solo pude cambiar a español aplicaciones qt/kde4, pero no gtk,
¿como confirmar gtk sea todo español? language-pack-gnome-es-base instalado.

Do you mean BEFORE update, both were spanish and AFTER update kde4 was english and you set to spanish but gtk is still english?
So you want everything spanish again?

if correct,
I need to have everything in ES
do not know where or how to activate all soft gtk also be in ES

May I ask what language your systems environment variable is set to (Not KDE Plasma 4’s settings):

Yo find out type in this command:


and look for this line:

if this is set to English like my example above then you’ll need to change it.

Here is a guide than will help:

The kde systemsettings should take care of the environment variable aswell.(this is patched in) Maybe just checking there and resetting to the correct language helps.